Super Mario


No Man’s Sky becomes No Mario’s Sky becomes DMCA Sky

No Man’s Sky – love it, hate it…it doesn’t matter it exists and will continue to do so. I personally was all over the NMS hype. More so for the technology, I mean, a game that large and it’s only a 3GB download?! Gotta love math. What are the possibilities…

A Loophole Into Mushroom Kingdom Living?

Every time we post something Mario related, it fucks the whole vibe of our little website! Harkening back to those simpler 8 and 16 bit days where everything was side-scrolling and 2 buttons were all you needed. I spent a few moments wondering why we pay hundreds of dollars a…

Wii-kly update: Virtual Console’s 250th title

How time flies. The Virtual Console has broken 250 titles this week. For this momentous occasion we get…another Mario game and another puzzle game. Yay! Puzzles are like Raymond…eveybody loves ’em. Follow the link for full descriptions. WiiWare My Aquarium (Hudson Entertainment, 1 player, Rated E for Everyone, 500 Wii…

Crazy Russian Mario Car

I don’t know Russian ( a little help please, Katie? ), but it isn’t really necessary to see the value of printing scenes involving Mario, the princess, and some very perturbed looking mushrooms on your POS sedan. More pics of the goodness here. [Jalopnik]