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Pong, Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. among first to make Gaming Hall of Fame

In case you didn’t know – there’s a World Video Game Hall of Fame. I mean…of course there is. Thankfully this is a HoF that gets it right – as their first class includes titles that deserve it like; Pong, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros. and Tetris among others. The Hall of Fame is hosted…powered by…run […]

IKEA Tetris Ad, Simple and Fun

As kind of a hobby I follow a few advertising blogs. I’m not an advertising guru by any means but definitely have a fascination and appreciation for the process (even for the completely annoying ads). I’ve always been intrigued by the psychology behind it, the creativeness and at times humor that can be generated by […]

ICEBLOX – Ice Cube Tray Give Away

As Russ tells me, we have readers everywhere. So I figure this mention of an icecube tray giveaway on an Eastern and Central European design blog won’t go completely to waste. Designeast has some sort of contest going. Maybe you could be making Tetris-cooled cocktails for the holidays. Cheers.

Wii – kly Update: Tetris Party!!

Lets see we’ve got a Tetris Party – an Incredible Maze – some boxing and a gofer in a title that I think might be a foreign language. Ohhh close enough its a TurboGrafx16 Title. Follow the link for title descriptions. WiiWareTetris Party (Tetris Online, Inc., 1-6 players, Rated E for Everyone, 1,200 Wii Points)The […]


This one’s a bit dated in interwebs time, but a destined 8-bit classic nonetheless!  Guillaume Reymond’s (doens’t everything sound better in french) wonderfully post-modern commentary on religion, life, death and the gameboy classic Tetris. N’est-ce pas tr

Tetris + Arm Wrestling

= Mash-up. Check out the video here.

Pretty Much Self-Explanatory

Waffle Tetris. Thanks to NOTCOT for this one.

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