Spider Man Homecoming 8 bit trailer 8-bit Film

[Extra bits] Spider Man: Homecoming trailer goes 8-bit

Yes, we have another version of Spider-Man coming soon to a theater near you. This time at least it’s in the creative hands of Marvel and their (hate it all you want it is impressive what they’ve done) unreal cinematic universe. After getting a very real and solid taste of…

Alien vs. Predator: Marine Campaign Trailer

Sega has just released a new trailer for their upcoming Alien vs. Predator game. The trailer focuses on the easy breezy life of a space marine trying to squash a small Xenomorph infestation. Call me crazy, but I love playing as the marine in these games, but then again I…

Borderlands Gameplay Trailer

New trailer for Borderlands – the game I was really excited about until they completely revamped the art style and made it look like a cartoon. Lame. But looks like it could still be good – 4 player co-op could be really cool along with 87 bazillion guns. Being toted…

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Trailer

I meant to post this last week so we may be a behind on it but we usually are on most things. Plus it’s too sweet not to see again. This is the trailer for the anticipated PC (only platform as of right now) title Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. A…

New Punisher Trailer Really Offers No Mercy

This quick trailer really shows off the ‘No Mercy’ aspect of the new title, which is due out this Thursday (7/2) on the Playstation Network. Show some brains, blood splatter and dismemberment via shotgun put to some shitty ‘metal’ music and you have yourself a kickass trailer.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Trailer

Possibly the Batman game we’ve all been waiting for – and here’s the new trailer. Doesn’t really give much at all except nice environment shots of Arkham, which of course they look great, but no Batman? or Joker? I guess they don’t call it a teaser trailer for nothing. Enjoy.