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[8bit Review] Assassin’s Creed

Platform: Xbox 360 Publisher: Ubisoft Developer: Ubisoft Montreal Website: After delivering us the gem that is Rainbow Six: Vegas, expectations were high for the boys at Ubisoft Montreal to deliver us another precious stone with Assassin’s Creed (“AC”). There was a lot of hype when this game was announced. From the controversial story line […]

Ubisoft To Use Satellite Tech for Upcoming HAWX Title

Ubisoft is taking game design to the next level, no pun intended, by using satellite imagery from the Earth orbiting satellite, IKONOS, for its upcoming ’09 title: Tom Clancy’s HAWX. GeoEye are the owners of the satellite and have provided Ubisoft with images for 16 international locales including Rio de Janeiro, Cape Canaveral and the […]

Ubisoft Aquires Movie Special Effects Company; Hybride

In a kinda big move for the entertainment industry, today Ubisoft acquired Hybride Technologies, a creator of visual effects for such movies as 300 and Sin City. Hybride has been around for about 15 years and is made up of about 80 team members. Ubisoft is looking to use their combined efforts to develop visual […]

Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 Sells 2 Million

It just goes to show that a company can release the same mediocre game 2 years in a row and make a killing on the hordes of lemmings with disposable incomes that crave more of the same. I don’t usually post on game sales; because I honestly find them pretty boring, Kotaku and Joystiq have […]


Why is it that every developer, nowadays, feels the need to create an overdramatic, altogether pretentious, storyline that follows gameplay through a seemingly endless bout of crappy dialogue and derisory characters? Now, before you clench your mouse tighter than Great White masticating a seal pup, hear me out. I, as much as the next guy, […]

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