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Not So Good Vibrations For Uncharted Movie

There it is. The face of Nathan Drake of the Uncharted movie. Don’t get me wrong – I actually like Mark Wahlberg as an actor, but something about this combo has my doubts. What also has my doubts is David O. Russell directing something of this scale and action. But Jon Favreau was once a […]

[8bit Impressions] Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

So after another slight hiatus from the [8bit World] I’m making another attempt at a comeback, again. Now I know what it feels like to be Brett Favre – minus the Hall of Fame arm, tons of money, and a winning team. Anyways, lately my time has been consumed by that thing called a job. […]

Another Multiplayer Demo For Uncharted 2 And A Release Date, Kinda

I missed the first multiplayer round for Uncharted 2 but according to Naughty Dog’s Evan Wells, in a live chat, there will be another multiplayer demo before the title’s official release. Timing for the demo hasn’t been finalized yet but according to Evan it will be available to a much larger audience this time around […]

[8bit Review] Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Platform: PS3 Publisher: SCE (Sony) Developer: Naughty Dog Website: The intro- I always love a great adventure story from Indiana Jones to Tomb Raider there is something about these stories that really get you, the viewer or player, immersed. The search for something of value, unlocking a mystery and beating the bad guys to […]

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