I Understand Spanish Better Than I Understand This PS3 Ad

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. I mean “I get it” but…not really. Sony you’ve always been on the creepy / interesting side with your ads and for some reason most of them have included babies. Remember that first one with the baby doll in the room with the PS3? Yeah you do….

Sony Promises GT5 On 11.24.10

  I’ve lost count of how many times Sony and Kazunori Yamauchi have stood me up with this game. It better be the goddamned masterpiece we’re all expecting.

Is Guitar Hero Running Out Of Material?

Activision will soon make Stan Bush’s Transformers: The Movie anthem The Touch available as a Guitar Hero download. I understand there is some kitsch value here and a few of my friends will likely grab it right away (Googs and Pete, I’m looking at both of you), but this song…